Wine Bottle Cedar Bird Feeder

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"Great gift for the nature lover"

 This product is made of spruce or cedar (your choice). A roof is built over it to give it some protection from rain or snow. A 5/8" polypropylene rope is used on the bottom to hold the feed in plus allows drainage from the rain. A bungee is used to hold the bottle in tightly. A coated cable is looped on top for hanging option or two stainless steel screws are provide so you can mount it on a tree, post, wooden fence or etc..... Or maybe you just want to set it on a table. This item is portable so if you go camping or to the cabin you can just bring it with you! Enjoy nature's wild life anywhere. Wine bottle included along with a starter 1lb bag of feed and a paper funnel to add feed in bottle. Once you receive it and open the box, add the feed in the bottle, mount it or not, no reason to head out to the store for anything.

CEDAR WOOD is natural and treat with Thompsons Water Seal 

OPTIONAL IMPRINT: Is machine cut with an exterior white vinyl which is water resistant and is UV 

NO ASSEMBLE REQUIRED! Bird feeder measures 19" tall x 8" wide x 6" deep